Meet Matt

Follow Matt through his day ->
  • Meet Raji

    From Redmond to the Red Line, see how expert programmer and friend of the environment, Raji, is enjoying life in her new Cambridge digs.

  • Analyzing tons of data. Detecting security breaches in O365. Those are just some challenges Raji tackles. Another? Choosing between all the great lunch spots in our Kendall Square neighborhood.

  • Working with a great team of people from widely diverse technical backgrounds means Raji's team can share various and innovative ideas, all while sharing plenty of laughs.

  • music app

    "Happy", "Satisfaction." They're more than just songs on Raji's playlist, they're what she feels working with a great team doing groundbreaking work at Microsoft New England.

  • When Raji looks for inspiration she just looks out the window. The river, the runners, the city—just a few seconds of watching the world in motion helps push her to think in new ways.

Meet the teams

Curious and bold. Champions of technology. And obsessed with creating the unexpected.

Our extraordinary teams in New England are sharing their talent--and knowledge--with the world.

Research & Development


Meet Matt

program manager + gym nut

Some people can’t keep still. The guy who’d rather walk to work. Who’s always in the gym. Is an active leader in LGBT community. That’s Matt. And the type of person who brings that same energy to work, collaborating with developers and testers to build software features that billions of people rely on each day. Yup, Matt.


Sometimes the office isn’t at the office. So our DOCS team builds software like SkyDrive Pro and SharePoint, allowing people to create, share, edit and access documents from any computer or mobile device. Which makes it possible for everyone to work together. Even if they aren’t actually together.


Meet Mary

senior researcher + rock climber

Mary’s idea of fun is spending a night dangling from the tallest mountain in the Lower 48. But Mary’s used to hanging out where most people don’t. She travels everywhere from rural America to India, studying how people on society’s fringes use technology. That’s going to the ends of the earth for your job. Literally.

Microsoft Research

Microsoft researchers solve the world’s toughest computing problems. But they don’t stop there. They share their solutions. With other Microsoft groups and with the entire research community. So from Bangalore to Beijing. Physicists to psychologists. It’s many great minds working together, using technology and doing things that make you say, “Wow.”
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Meet Raji

development engineer + enforcer

Raji is NERD’s enforcer. Think that banana peel is going in the trash? No way. Raji will make sure it gets composted. Software that ships with quality issues? Not on Raji’s watch. Because she and her team are vigilant in writing solid code and squashing bugs before they see the light of day.

Office 365

The Office 365 team is obsessed with clouds. Not cummulus or nimbus. But data clouds. Where all your data can be stored, synced and accessed anywhere. So your email, Microsoft Office tools and IT services go with you. And you can leave that thumb drive at home.
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Meet Sudarshan

principal development lead + hacker hobbyist

If you had a tech trivia team, you’d want Sudarshan as your captain. Name a category and he has it covered. Applied mathematics. Machine learning. Distributed computing. He was once even able to recall an obscure theorem he used in grad school to speed up an operation 20x, which is no trivial matter.

Cloud Machine Learning

Technology is getting smarter. It’s learning from data. But it’s not doing it by itself. Someone has to teach it. Someone like the Cloud Machine Learning team. They’re taking Big Data, Machine Learning and High ­Performance Numerical Computing and training them to work together, which helps take the guesswork out of predictive analytics.


Meet Yun

senior test lead + software doctor

Yun’s job doesn’t end when software ships. In fact, it just begins. She and her team support Microsoft products for years after their release. Working on features for service packs. Fixing bugs. And dealing with customer issues. Because Yun wants the software you buy today to work just as well or even better years afterward

Enterprise Client

Everyone loves technology. Until it doesn’t work. But with help from our Enterprise Client team, IT administrators can keep every device, app and piece of data running securely and seamlessly. So everyone will love their technology. And their IT administrator.

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Sales & Marketing


Meet Chad

technical architect + skydiver

Chad used to be a competitive skydiver. While he may have hung up his parachute and planted his feet on the ground. His head is still in the clouds. Imagining. Dreaming. Learning. Alongside clients’ top tech people. Exposing them to super cool new technology over at the MTC Envisioning Center.

Microsoft Technology Center

Enterprise clients often say how cool it’d be to work at our Cambridge offices. Which made us think, “Why don’t they?” That’s the idea behind the Microsoft Technology Center, where our customers' tech people work alongside our tech people. Imagining. Designing. Creating. So our clients get the exact technology they need, because they helped create it.
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Meet Hether

ATU manager + busy mother

Advances in medicine rely on innovations in technology, and when it comes to getting the right technology in the right hands, we rely on Hether. From Partners HealthCare to Thermo Fisher Scientific, she works with scientists, researchers and doctors putting Microsoft technology to work bettering lives around the globe.

Enterprise Partner Group

Think of our Enterprise Partner Group as sherpas for enterprise business. They’ve made the climb before, so they have the knowledge to provide support, leadership and inspiration as our enterprise clients make their own journey. Just instead of ropes and oxygen tanks, our team is equipped with powerful connected devices and the latest in cloud technology.

Meet Jonathan

sr. account executive + footie fan

Most jobs would frown upon shooting NERF darts in the office. For Jonathan, it’s all in a day’s work. That’s because he partners companies like NERF with technology like Xbox. But it’s not all fun and games. Jonathan also teaches his three daughters how to play soccer. And being a proper Englishman–Jonathan takes his footie quite seriously.

Microsoft Advertising

Advertising has come a long way from radio jingles and Sunday coupons. It’s a balance of marketing and technology. And New England is a hub for both, so it’s a perfect place for our Advertising team to set up shop. Now the biggest marketers and agencies are using Microsoft technology to create immersive and engaging campaigns.
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Meet Alex

service advisor + hero

Some might see Alex repair their damaged laptop and call him a hero without knowing just how right they are. A veteran of the War in Afghanistan, Alex works with wounded soldiers and helps raise money to send care packages overseas. Helping a customer find the perfect tablet or helping a soldier feel at home--it’s what Alex loves to do.

Microsoft Retail

Our Retail Team are seasoned tech experts, but they didn’t forget about a simple school-aged lesson--sharing. At the Microsoft store they share insight and tips on the coolest new gadgets. They share their knowledge by offering free workshops. And they share their time–servicing computers for the Boston Boys & Girls Clubs.
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Meet Thiago

technical account manager + juggler

Thiago insists his team keeps him focused. But it’s also his electric personality that keeps them motivated to make sure customers get top notch treatment, from technical support to servicing infrastructure issues. It’s a lot to juggle. But Thiago can also juggle three languages and a soccer ball, so for him it’s no sweat.

Microsoft Services

A Lync Network Assessment to ensure your business is up to speed? That’s cool. Mind maps to ensure your content is relevant and understandable? Very cool. Microsoft Services to bring your business to its full potential? The best.
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Meet John

account manager + devoted father

We’re not sure whether helping coach his daughter’s sports teams helps John coach system integrators, or vice versa. We do know John is one of the best at finding ways for a business to best apply and leverage their Microsoft technology, which means clients, just like his daughter’s teams, are in very capable hands.

Small, Mid-Market Solutions and Partners

‘One size fits all’ might be fine for t-shirts, but not for technology. Our SMS&P team works exclusively with small and mid-market partners in the cloud, in the data center, on devices and for their services. So no matter the size of their businesses, their technology is a perfect fit.

Business & Operations


Meet Cathy

director of Technology Community Engagement + New England newbie


Cathy embraces what others may tend to avoid. Kale? Loves it. Bugs? Enthralled by them. A cross country bike ride? No problem for Cathy. Solving some of society’s most critical issues by working with everyone from tech leaders to politicians to community leaders? Bring it on. 

Technology & Civic Engagement

The Technology & Civic Engagement team brings Microsoft’s best assets to bear to help civic leaders -- and the communities they serve – use technology and cutting edge ideas to solve their biggest challenges. With deep technical and policy expertise, the team is committed to building long-term partnerships in local communities and leveraging technology to make an impact on critical civic issues, such as computer science and STEM education, developing tools for greater citizen engagement, the effective use of big data, and privacy.


Meet Brian

senior director for state government affairs + dad

Brian lists John Kerry and Bill Clinton as former bosses, so tackling tough political, legal, regulatory and public policy issues isn’t so tough for him. But Brian isn’t just a brainy lawyer, he’s also a super sharp tech guy who serves with the Massachusetts Broadband Institute and MA Tech Hub Collaborative.

Legal & Corporate Affairs

Pioneering global technology takes more than computer know-how, you need people behind the scenes making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. Those people are our Legal & Corporate Affairs team, who ensure we fulfill all the legal and corporate responsibilities required to grow our business and build our enduring legacy.


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Meet Dena

real estate portfolio manager + always in the right place at right time


As a real estate professional, Dena knows it’s all about location. Not just where you are, but where your partners are, where you’re going and where you want to be. From handling daily operations to managing long-term planning, to working with senior leaders, vendors, landlords, architects, officials and contractors, Dena oversees over 300,000 square feet of space, making sure everything is in it’s right place. Like they say: Location, location, location.

Human Resources and Operations

This is the team that keeps everything around here running smoothly. They handle employee programs, manage the conference center, coordinate community affairs, and search for awesome, new talent to bring on board. They’re the ones who make Microsoft New England a fun, cool place to work. Which helps us bring you fun, cool technology.