The Foundry

The Foundry invites University students studying computer science, design & Human Computer Interaction, and related fields to Microsoft New England for an internship like no other. This intensive program centers on building apps for Microsoft’s newest and most exciting platforms and devices.

Foundry Principles

  • Learn

    It’s like boot camp. But friendlier. And geekier. Interns are armed with the latest tools and tactics needed to design and develop apps for Microsoft’s newest and most strategic platforms.

  • Collaborate

    It takes a village to raise an app. At the Foundry students team with Microsoft’s professional engineers, designers and each other to bring an app to life.

  • Build

    Interns start with a simple idea, and work together to create the vision   that brings that idea to life.  Using the latest development techniques from Microsoft and beyond, interns brainstorm, debate, code, design, debug, optimize and ultimately ship their apps for the world to use.

  • Launch

    By focusing and working with their teams, and leveraging the resources of a global tech leader, Interns deliver an app to the Store by the end of the 12-week internship.

Foundry 2013

Hard-working Foundry Interns take a break for a group photo.

Foundry Apps

You’ll find the Foundry apps in the Windows and Windows Phone Stores.   Search for “foundry” to see them all, or click on the links below to learn more and install.

  • Via Via


    Via provides users with a fluid, seamless, and personalized way to augment a pre-planned itinerary with route-based suggestions, optimizing time. (Windows Phone)

    Install from the app store
  • My Reading Level My Reading Level

    My Reading Level

    My Reading Level suggests reading material that matches your reading ability and interests. Never get stuck again by having easy access to definitions and translations. (Windows)

    Install from the app store
  • Rememory Rememory


    Rememory documents memories by aggregating photos, videos, and notes from multiple sources based on location and date, organizing them into an elegant digital design so they can be easily shared. (Windows)

    Install from the app store
  • WeeCoder WeeCoder


    WeeCoder is a game that is great at creating an entertaining environment that teaches logical thinking and introduces basic concepts associated with programming for kids 3-10. (Windows) Install from the app store
  • Pileup Pileup


    Pileup is great at allowing users to visually organize photos in a fun and interactive way. (Windows) Install from the app store
  • DinoFit DinoFit


    DinoFit is great at providing a personalized, fun and motivating experience for users who want to run to stay fit. (Windows Phone) Install from the app store
  • Never Late Never Late

    Never Late


    Never Late is an alarm app that utilizes alarms and timers to ensure that users can always keep track of time, it also allows users to customize their clock background. (Windows) “The best part was having ownership of the development process. My team and I made all the decisions from coding to colors and everything in between. There’s an app in the store, right now, and I helped make it possible.”
    — Cameron
    Install from the app store
  • Trackage Trackage



    Trackage allows you to track your packages from FedEx, UPS, LaserShip, and the U.S. Postal Service all in one place. (Windows)

    Install from the app store
  • Reddimage Reddimage



    Reddimage allows users to experience Reddit in an engaging and touch friendly way. Browse, vote, and comment without the clutter. (Windows)

    /Content/images/foundry/emily.jpg “As a designer, I got firsthand experience on how important it is for coders and designers to work together. Every decision matters and has an impact on how much the user likes, or doesn’t like our end product. The design has to work with the functionality of the app and vice versa. Small teams made it easier to achieve this.”
    — Emily
    Install from the app store
  • Face Reel Face Reel

    Face Reel


    FaceReel lets you create and share unique slideshow movies using facial recognition software. Eyes align to give a fresh perspective on the photos in your library. Just choose, order and create videos.

    /Content/images/foundry/JC.jpg “I was hesitant to intern at a big company because I really like the start-up environment, but this program showed me that Microsoft offers the best of both worlds. We worked on small teams and had the chance to influence what the app does and what it looks like, but with all the benefits and resources of a big company.”
    — JC
    Install from the app store
  • Inkarus Inkarus



    Help Inkarus build his flying machine by collecting gears and feathers using special colored ink in over 60 levels over 3 worlds! Share your scores with your friends and create hundreds of unique solutions for every level! Players draw a line that Inkarus rolls down helping him avoid obstacles and collect feathers to build a flying machine. (Windows)

    Install from the app store
  • Catch It Catch It

    Catch It


    Catch your bus, subway, or commuter rail with Catch It. This application takes real-time data from MassDOT and NextBus feeds, ensuring the most up to date information.  If you’re a regular MBTA user or even just someone visiting Boston, use Catch It to take full advantage of the transportation system. (Windows)

    Install from the app store


This isn’t coffee runs and making copies. Create. Code. Design. Develop. Engineer. Learn. Work. Alongside Microsoft employees. In one of the world’s smartest cities. Explore opportunities for college students.

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