Mobile Technology for Ebola Response: What Did We Learn? A Mobile Monday-Hosted Event

Date: May 23, 2016
Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Location: Microsoft New England R&D Center
Audience: Members of Mobile Monday Boston:
Twitter: @dimagi

In the recent West Africa Ebola outbreak, cell phones were heavily used for mass communication, disease tracking, and response coordination. 

As part of Mobile Monday Boston, tech experts from Boston-based global health organizations Dimagi and Partners in Health will share their experiences developing and deploying mobile tech for Ebola response. Panelists will touch upon several topics, including:

  • The health / technology facts and figures behind the Ebola outbreak
  • Sharing stories of how organizations used cell phones on the frontline
  • The unique challenges of rapidly designing mobile apps for remote areas
  • Discussing how we can better prepare for possible disease outbreaks with mobile technology

A Q&A session will follow the presentation. Refreshments (water, soda) and light snacks will be provided. Please email questions to 

About the Panelists: Dimagi CEO Jonathan Jackson lead Dimagi's efforts in developing mobile applications for 12 organizations working in Ebola response, used by a total of 1,100 people. Partners in Health GIS and mHealth specialist Ermyas Birru has worked in Kono, Sierra Leone to help assess, design and implement mobile technology for Ebola response and health system strengthening. The panel will be moderated by Jonathan Payne who is a Senior Technical Advisor on eHealth initiatives with the United Nations Foundation.

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