A neighbor to count on

We love our view across the Charles. It reminds us that we work in a pretty awesome place. And that everyday we're able to use our technology, our ideas and our time to help make our home even more amazing.

Locally supported organizations

With technology’s ability to connect us to anywhere in the world, we can forget it can also help us reach out to people right around the corner. That’s why since 2003 we’ve donated over $78 million in cash and software to nonprofits and underserved communities in Massachusetts. Call it corporate stewardship. Or social responsibility. Or whatever you like. We call it being a good neighbor. If you are a non-profit interested in partnering with us please email Anissa Battaglino.

Featured organization: Science Club for Girls

Science Club for Girls connects thousands of bright, young women from underrepresented groups with female mentors to inspire them to pursue careers in science. From building rockets to building self-confidence, Science Club for Girls is doing its part to build a sisterhood of future scientists.

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Women in technology

Careers in science and technology are no longer reserved for the boys’ club. From encouraging youth in the classroom to acknowledging leadership in the boardroom. Microsoft holds a strong commitment to the advancement of women in technology and business. Meet some of the leading ladies who have redefined success in their fields.

  • Jennifer

    Meet Jennifer

    managing director + NERD co-founder

    When you author over 100 scientific papers, your name is on over 25 patents, you can do pretty much anything. Jennifer decided to lead. She started Microsoft Research New England and New York. She pushed web technology. And she inspired other women by breaking down gender-based barriers in the tech industry.
  • Terrell

    Meet Terrell

    program manager + dancer

    She’s a native Southerner. Worked at Microsoft HQ in Redmond. Even manages a team in Utah. Terrell is all over the map, which is just how she likes it. Collaborating with researchers to marketers. Plus she’s expanding the role of women in the tech field through the Women’s Leadership Council. So when Terrell says “Y’all,” it truly includes everyone.